Newcrest Abbey is a contemplative place.  Those who live there say it is under the province of the Watcher.  The Watcher takes many forms throughout the kingdoms.  In Newcrest, they prefer the form known as the Matriarch.

Aside from a place to house a shrine to the Matriarch, the abbey is self-sufficient.  It is where those who feel the call to the Matriarch go, as well as those children without a claim to their families’ titles or lands can go as well as orphans.

Family Tree

Residence: Newcrest Abbey (Tranquil Crescent), Newcrest

Current Household:


Mother Marian– raised at the abbey by the previous abbess, Mother Marian is a gentle soul, a wise one as well.  She looks after her flock fiercely.


Brother Randall– an orphan raised at the abbey, who felt calling of the Matriarch.  He helps Mother Marian oversee the abbey, sees to many of the chores and even makes the rounds through the kingdom every so often.