Despite the fact that they aren’t warriors, or diplomats, the Campbells are held in high regard.  They are scholars of the highest order and have proven invaluable to not just the Bulwarks, but to Newcrest as a whole with their studies. There are rumors as well that it is the Campbells that run the kingdom’s spy network.  As it is, their connections throughout the kingdoms are vast.

Family Tree

Residence: Scholarly Sway (Midtown Meadows), Newcrest

Current Household:


Lady Beatrice Campbell– her mother passed away when Beatrice was young.  Her father was absent more often than not, away for long periods of time, lost in his studies.  His sudden death was nonetheless difficult for her.  Scholarly pursuits were not necessarily lucrative, so money was more dear than it should be.  She was unable to afford to pay for her servants.  In some ways, this was better for her, since she does prefer solitude. She is not in her element in a relationship, though she has come to care for Gunner greatly.  It is new territory for her, though she is enjoying the process, to her shock.

Lord Gunner Campbell (ne: Villareal)- The illegitimate son of Lord Ezekiel Villareal of Windenburg and Nina Barone, the Villareal’s housekeeper.  His father acknowledged him and gave him the Villareal name, though he cannot inherit.  He did it out of a sense of pride as well as believing himself to be untouchable.  He kept his son under his thumb.  But Gunner was always defiant and while he fears his father, he still went against him, most particularly during the civil war in Windenburg.  He helped the young Prince Kellen, his friend, escape the rebels.  His father was one of the puppetmasters though he was careful to keep his involvement a secret.  When Gunner found out that someone from Newcrest was responsible for saving his life, he determined to track them down.  When he found out it was Beatrice, he used a favor from King Darian to meet her.  The two were married in a lovely ceremony at the Villareal estate.

“Lady” Mira– a tiny kitten that Beatrice found along the road one night.  She never planned on having a pet, but she couldn’t abandon the poor thing.  Truth be told, it was nice to have a companion, a cat at that. She is now a cat and has two humans and their young to look after.

Lord Chase Campbell- The first born child of Lady Beatrice and Lord Gunner.  The older twin to Lady Zuri.  He is the heir to the Campbell legacy. He’s proving to be a very motivated toddler.

Lady Zuri Campbell- The second born child of Lady Beatrice and Lord Gunner.  Younger twin to Lord Chase. She loves to be the center of attention.