The Hansomes have worked the land of Newcrest for generations, going back to before the Great Empire.

Family Tree

Current Household:

Chase Hansome– in his twilight years now, not as able to work the land as he once was, Chase’s dream is to see his family grow and prosper.

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Brynlee Hansome– she loves the land, loves coaxing the little green shoots to life.  She is more than content with her lot and now that she is married, she is hoping to have children with her husband so that she can share her love of the land with them.

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Enzo Hansome– a man without a family, without a home, he was a drifter, going from kingdom to kingdom, doing odd jobs, living off the land.  He laid eyes on Brynlee Hansome, however, and fell in love.  Now, he has a home and a family, with the possibility of it growing.

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