The Lancomes are transplants from Windenburg.  There they knew all the secrets of the water and what lived there.  Now, they are getting to know Newcrest just as well.  No matter where they are, the water calls to them.

Family Tree

Current Household:

Alina Lancome– she took her two children from Windenburg after her partner left her.  She is tired and her trust in others has greatly been reduced.  But she has her children and she has the water.  It’s the only time she really has peace.

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Jana Lancome– the oldest, she remembers more about their father before he left.  She also can see how tired her mother can get.  She does her best to look after her brother and help her mother out.

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Rafael Lancome– he barely remembers his father.  He’s still a young boy and enjoys escaping out into the woods with his sister when he can.

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