Oasis Springs

A hot, dry land.  During the Great Empire’s time, it was a loose amalgamation of nomadic peoples.  After the fall, the nomads scattered, leaving the desert empty.  A witch and her coven came to the desert after other kingdoms drove them out.  There, she and her coven set up a home for themselves.  Others flocked there and Oasis Springs became a kingdom of witches.

Azurite Family

The Azurites are the ruling family of Oasis Springs.  They are descended from the original witch that helped to settle the desolate landscape.  The current Queen, Eve, became Queen relatively young after her mother passed away young.

Residence: Affluista Mansion, Oasis Springs in Witch and Drakula Castle built by weronik456

Week 2: Queen Eve and King Dallen welcomed their third child, Princess Moria

Week 4: Princess Rosin came of age and as per tradition, she is now Queen of Oasis Springs. She married Lord Cyrus Jaderan and the two have ascended to the throne as King and Queen.

Carnelian Family

The Carnelians are a noble family of Oasis Springs.  They are second only to the Azurites in power and talent.  While the two families have had some rivalry through the centuries, for the most part, they get along well and work for the greater good of the kingdom.

Residence: Arid Ridge, Oasis Springs in Hawthorne Estate built by sethorlando

Jaderan Family

Centuries ago, when Oasis Springs was still a fairly new kingdom, and the Queen was away, the Jaderans attempted a coup.  There was no violence, but since the heir was too young to take the throne themselves, they attempted to steer the young girl in a direction they felt was right.  But the heir proved to be more wily and worldly than they anticipated.  The Queen, upon her return, forgave them.  For a time, their reputation suffered amongst the other nobles in court, even in some of the other Kingdoms.  Though it has been repaired in the interim, it is never far from their minds.

Residence: Slipshod Mesquite, Oasis Springs in Hawthorne Estate built by sethorlando

Week 1: Lady Anita Jaderan, heir to the title, married Lord Hayes Xavier of Windenburg

Week 2: Lady Anita and Lord Hayes welcomed their first born child and heir, Lord Rashawn Jaderan

Week 4: Lady Anita and Lord Hayes welcomed their second child, Lady Micaha

Lady Anita has come of age as well and is now the head of the family.

Kunzite Family

The Kunzites are hedgewitches.  They put a little bit of magic into every bite of their food.

Residence: Granada Place in Witch House by Harleytrix

Week 2: Grace Kunzite, heir to the Kunzite family business, married Lord Estalar Earthstalker. Some time later, they welcomed their heir, Alaina.

Week 4: Grace and Estalar welcomed twins Arian and Keenan Kunzite to the world.

Agate Family

The Agates are a family of adventurous collectors and enchanters.  They specialize in ancient relics and artifacts.

Residence: Springscape, Oasis Springs in Witch House built by Harleytrix

Week 2: Tara Agate passed away in her sleep.

Week 4: While home with his granddaughter, Devin suffered a heart attack.

Malachite Family

Though they live in the desert, the Malachites work the land and have for generations in Oasis Springs.  They use a bit of their magic to help the land.

Residence: Sultry Springside, Oasis Springs in Witch Cabana built by Chaela

Week 1: Selena and Lucious have welcomed their third child Leticia

Rhyolite Family

A family that can catch anything that swims.

Residence: Nookstone, Oasis Springs in Witch Cabana built by Chaela

Week 2: Anan Rhyolite married Aimee Erron.

Week 3: Anan and Aimee Rhyolite welcomed their first born child and heir, Selene Rhyolite.

Week 4: Aimee and Anan Rhyolite welcomed twins Elise and Ember to the world

Tourmaline Family

The Tourmalines scavenge and hunt all over Oasis Springs.  They know many of the secrets of the desert land.  The merchants pay top dollar for the things they find.

Residence: Raffia Quinta, Oasis Springs in Witch Cabana built by Chaela