San Myshuno

During the Great Empire, San Myshuno was a center of science and technological advances.  It remains that to this day.  The ruler of the city goes by the title of Mayor.  The city is the center for trade and manufacturing.  They embrace change and love their technology.  The other kingdoms are very slowly catching up.

Landsdowne Family

The ruling family of San Myshuno, a place where the future happens.  A bustling city of trade and technology, the Landsdownes are the most powerful family, with the most wealth.  They own a piece of everything, really.

Residence: 1 Torendi Tower, San Myshuno

Week 2: Mayor Sade and Lord Arian Landsdowne welcome their third child, Lord Branson

Tower Family

The Towers are a noble family in San Myshuno.  They own a significant chunk of several important parts of the city as well as much of the infrastructure.

Residence: VIII Landgraab, San Myshuno

Week 1: Lady Julia and Lord Shawn Tower welcomed their third child Heath

Week 2: The Tower family said goodbye to their matriarch, Lady Alanna Tower.  She was found in the family’s sauna.  It is believed she suffered a heart attack.

Week 4: Julia and Shawn welcomed their fourth child, Lord Kolton to the world.

Fenton Family

What infrastructure and property the Towers or Landsdownes don’t own, the Fentons do.  They are technically the “youngest” of the noble lines, upstarts if you will.  But they have proven their business and technological savvy.  In fact, that is often their focus.

Residence: 888 Spire, San Myshuno

Week 1: Lady Alisha Fenton, heir to the Fenton title, married Lord Orlith Earthstalker of Winding Willows.  He is the first of the Elves to intermarry among the human kingdoms.  Shortly afterward, they welcomed their heir Warren

Week 4: Lady Alisha and Lord Orlith welcomed their second child, Lady Jocelyn, to the world

Renard Family

The Renards are a family famous for their haggling and their ability to find just what their customers are looking for.  Most don’t ask too many questions.  It’s for their own good, really.

Residence: 930 Medina Studios, San Myshuno

Week 2: Tyrone Renard, the heir to the Renard name and business, married Pearl Kunzite of Oasis Springs.

Week 3: Sadly, the Renards had tragedy in the wake of happiness.  They had to say goodbye to the matriarch, Lorna Renard after she ingested an improperly prepared ngiri dish.  Some believe it was deliberate, but there is no proof.

After the tragedy of their matriarch’s death, Tyrone and Pearl Renard welcomed their first born child and heir, Hazel Renard.

Week 4: Braxton Renard is born, Tyrone and Pearl’s second child.

Rosetti Family

The Rosettis have a reputation for “fixing” problems.  How things are fixed is up for debate, but none of them are pleasant.  Their reputation makes them a very formidable family.  Though their charitable works are not as well known, the Rosetti’s do give back to their city.

Residence: 122 Hakim House, San Myshuno

Week 1: Sheena and Dominick Rosetti welcomed their second child Aileen.

Week 4: Little Malia Rosetti joined the world, Sheena and Dominick’s third child.

Sofia “Mama” Rosetti passed away while recovering from a small heart attack. The funeral was well-attended as Sofia had been a presence in the city for a long time.

Anesko Family

The Aneskos are the up-and-comers in San Myshuno.  It is said they can talk a shoemaker into buying two pairs of shoes, at a mark up.  It may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

Residence: 702 ZenView, San Myshuno

Week 1: Lana and Julien Anesko welcomed their heir Damon

Week 4: Lana and Julien welcomed their second child, Connor, to the world

Shortly after, they welcomed a third son, Tristan!

Zirman Family

The Zirmans are an odd couple.  Janae claims they are descended from the pirates that settled along the coast and founded San Myshuno.  No one is sure if this is true, nor are they entirely certain whether her husband Cameron believes this, or just goes along with it to humor her.  Either way, and despite their eccentricities, there is no arguments about their ability to wheel and deal.  Their ability to buy and sell is above reproach.

Residence: 20 Culpepper House, San Myshuno

Holmes Family

The caretakers of the city, they pride themselves on serving the cream of the crop.

Residence: 1313 21 Chic Street, San Myshuno

Week 1: Monica and Forrest welcomed their heir Felix

Week 3: Forrest and Monica welcomed their second child, Briana, but sadly the girl will never know her father as he suffered a fatal heart attack while his wife was giving birth.

Erron Family

The Errons keep the city running.  They are the handymen, the jack of all trades.

Residence: Old Salt House, San Myshuno

Week 3: Robert and Kimber Erron welcome their second child, Sebastian Erron.

Week 4: Kimber Erron was a casualty of the new weather; during a thunderstorm, a lightning strike surged through the electrical box she was working on.