The only thing stranger than the people is the flora! StrangerVille has a secret. Only the brave would attempt to expose the secret. Originally where the coven of witches settled before moving on to found Oasis Springs, no one is sure just what is going on here. Those that live here insist everything is fine, but what are they hiding? They don’t really have a royal, rather a loose collection of families with some of the wealthier and more influential being nobility.

Roswell Family

The Roswell’s are the oldest residents in StrangerVille. Ted Roswell has since become the mayor and has been aggressively pushing to get StrangerVille to be more technologically advanced. He has made some shady deals, but his crowning achievement has been the construction of the Crater Base and Secret Lab. Ted’s wife, Meredith, has been noticing Ted acting very strange at night. It might have something to do with his frequent visits to the Secret Lab to try and cover things up.

Sigworth Family

The Sigworth family is rather new in town. Jess, the mom, had to transfer to the StrangerVille National Base. After spending a few days on the base Dylan has started to notice something is a bit off about his wife. Although Dylan is doing all he can to reassure their daughter that everything is okay. Christie is starting to catch on and it is only a matter of time until she realizes what is going on.

Martin Family

Originally from lands far away, three friends who have decided to cut ties with the modern world in order to explore their inner creativity moved to Strangerville. They received a large sum of money from their parents, and are using it to explore their creative dreams in a less hectic town. Alice and Mark realized they were more than just friends after their friend Leslie fell in love with a much older man.

Cahill Family

George Cahill was a retired pilot who enjoyed taking his beloved plane Penelope for long flights across the world. After passing over StrangerVille there was a large flash of light causing his plane to short circuit and crash. George has since set up camp in the cargo bay of Old Penelope, and has lived on the outskirts of StrangerVille ever since. Although he has grown skeptical of the residents of StrangerVille he means no harm and mostly keeps to himself. Except when he met lovely Leslie Holland. An old man, he thought her too good for the likes of him, but she knew what she wanted and eventually, the two married.