A beautiful land of shimmering seas, green lands, and the ferocity of a volcano. A paradise. Yet the people here are torn. The Sulani are a people that came from far away and settled on the islands. But they were not the first inhabitants. The Merfolk can trace their back for thousands of years. The two peoples do not get along, though with the Chief choosing a mermaid as his bride, will things improve? Only time will tell.

Keala Family

The Kielas have ruled over Sulani for generations. Chief Akoni did the unthinkable: he chose one of the merfolk for his bride! While hostilities with the original inhabitants of Sulani never escalated to war, this was seen on both sides as something that shouldn’t have been done. What will come of it? Only time will tell.

Residence: Villa des Häuptlings by RikaHellwig

Vann Family

The Vanns were once the most feared pirates in the Twilight Seas. They were one of the first of to arrive on Sulani. They had no desire to rule, but the Kealas gave them power. And though they claim to have left their pirating ways behind, many are not sure about that.

Wavebreaker Family

An original inhabitant of Sulani, the Wavebreakers are merfolk. They welcomed the first visitors to Sulani. This was a mistake. It took time for them to fight their way back until the Kealas awarded them a title. They keep it to ensure fairness for their people. Will they ever see when the merfolk and the Sulanis live in harmony?

Week 4: Lady Janae and Lord Srikumar welcomed their second child, Zane, to the world.

Tenadii Family

The Tenadiis have been a part of the islands since the first Sulani. They prefer their roles as merchants and in fact, the heir married an outlander, something, if not frowned upon, garnered quite a bit of talk among the other families. 

Seafarer Family

The current matriarch is crafty. Bound and determined to see her family remain where they are, she married a outlander who then mysteriously disappeared. Before that, though he gave her a son, someone to carry on the family name.

Quinn Family

Orphaned at a young age, Damon has been on his own for years. Despite his age, he has done well enough for himself on the island.

Kamaka Family

The Kamaka family of Sulani has a secret: their home seems to be a wrecked ship. But beneath, they have built a comfortable home for themselves. They prefer making their living by the sea and they love their island, but they are not the peasants they appear to be.