Windenburg was the capital of the Great Empire at one time and probably has the most history of any of the other kingdoms.  With a long history, comes some darkness.  Their darkest hour is not long in the past.  After the fall, the Windenburgs were the rulers of the kingdom.  But one of the noble families and their allies wanted the throne.  A bloody civil war erupted.  With the help of some loyal nobles and others, the war was ended.  The Windenburgs, having fled, could return.  King Kellen is all that remains of his line.  But he hopes with his young Queen by his side, they can restore their kingdom and the Windenburg name.


Windenburg Family

Windenburg was one of the oldest cities of the Great Empire.  It holds many ancient ruins of by-gone eras.  Because of that, it’s history has always been a bit chaotic.  At one time, it was the capitol of the Empire.  When the capitol moved, it was left in the care of the Windenburgs.  It was one of the first to declare its independence from the Great Empire.  Recently, some of the noble families tried to enact a coup.  However, those loyal to the Windenburgs were able to smuggle the heir to the throne from Windenburg.  King Kellen was able to return to Windenburg and claim his throne.  A young noble woman who lost her family during the war and was fostered by the Windenburgs became his bride.

Residence: Dresden House, Windenburg in Windenburg Castle built by PierrePiguet_

Week 2: Queen Emilia and King Kellen are proud to announce the birth of their heir, Prince Jalen (this is good news for continued peace, hopefully…)

Week 4: King Kellen and Queen Emilia welcome Princess Leila to the world, their second born child.

The King and Queen are happy to announce the birth of their third child, Princess Maria!

Villareal Family

The Villareals are one of the most powerful noble families in Windenburg.  They claim to be loyal to the Windenburgs, but many believe that they were playing both sides, perhaps were part of the rebellion.  Their power makes it so they remain rumors, for the most part.

Residence: Von Windenburg Estate, Windenburg

Week 1: Lady Camille and Lord Ezekial Villareal welcomed their second child Anthony (Lord Ezekiel’s third child)

Week 3: Lady Dianna Villareal, heir to the family name, title, and estate wed Lord Shayne Fenton of San Myshuno

Week 4: Lady Dianna and Lord Shayne welcomed their first child (and heir) Lord Ronan to the world

Lady Dianna has come of age and is now the legal head of the family, making it impossible for her father to interfere

Lord Matteo Villareal was born, Lady Dianna and Lord Shayne’s second child.

Xavier Family

The Xaviers are one of the oldest of the noble bloodlines in Windenburg.  They have always been loyal to the Windenburgs.  During the recent civil war, they were instrumental in working to make sure there was still a throne for King Kellen to return to.

Residence: The Lighthouse, Windenburg

Week 1: Lady Ayla and Lord Donovan welcomed their third child Kiersten

Kosslyn Family

The Kosslyns were once a merchant family.  They were instrumental in helping getting King Kellen out of Windenburg.  As a reward, they were elevated to the nobility, given titles and lands.

Residence: Coorinburg Cottage, Windenburg

Week 1: Lady Shaina and Lord Benson welcomed their third child Zoe

Week 3: Lord Parker Kosslyn, heir to the title, wed Lady Azariah Waterstrider in a surprising ceremony.  It’s surprising since she is an elf and the elves have been careful not to marry into the other kingdoms.

Week 4: Lord Parker and Lady Azariah welcomed twins, Lord Van and Lady Laila, to the world.  Van is the older of the two and the heir.

In the wake of joy, tragedy has struck.  Lady Shaina contracted an illness and died after several agonizing hours.

And now, Lord Parker is of age and has taken the reigns of the family.

He and his lady wife welcome their third child, Lord Amari to the world.

Spicer Family

The Spicers specialize in visiting exotic locales to learn new recipes as well as to obtain the exotic ingredients to sell and use in their restaurant.

Residence: Waterlock Redoubt, Windenburg

Week 1: Emilia and Jett Spicer welcomed their second child Candice

Week 3: Yasmine Spicer married Lord Kasper Jaderan of Oasis Springs.  Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed their first born child and heir, Grayson Spicer.

The Spicer family also welcomed another member, Renee Spicer, but the birth was too much for her elderly mother and Emilia Spicer succumbed to a wasting sickness shortly after her daughter’s birth.

Week 4: Yasmine and Kasper welcomed twins Myles and Jenna

Jett Spicer passed away, surrounded by his family.  He knows his youngest daughters will be well looked after.

Barrow Family

The Barrows are wheelers and dealers.  They have built quite the business over the generations.

Residence: Cottage Am See, Windenburg

Week 2: Eli Barrow, heir to the family name and business, married Orchid Kunzite of Oasis Springs

Week 3: Eli and Orchid have welcomed their heir, Katlin Barrow to the world.

Week 4: Eli and Orchid have welcomed a son, Dax Barrow, to the world.

Shortly afterward, they welcomed daughter Paige to the world as well.

McKenna Family

Since Newcrest and Windenburg were once part of the Great Empire, the McKenna’s have been breeders of the dogs known as Newcrest Battle Hounds. Karlee is the current head of her line. Her current breeding pair is a strong one. Her ties to the Doran family are well known.

Anglin Family

The Anglins know where the best fishing is and how to bring in the big ones.  No one is quite sure if the whoppers they tell are true, however.

Residence: Dock Den, Windenburg

Week 4: Adrian is now the head of the family.

Valle Family

The Valles have been farming the land of Windenburg for generations.

Residence: Rustic Residence, Windenburg

Week 2: Levi Valle passed away from what is believed to be a heart attack brought on by overwork.

Favero Family

They fled during the war, became nomads for a time, and only returned fairly recently to pick up the pieces of their sedentary lives.

Residence: Proprietor’s Square, Windenburg

Week 1: Reagan and Dean Favero welcome their second child Carla.

Week 4: Cameron Favero is born, but shortly after, his father passes away from hypothermia.

Angelica Favero has come of age. As head of the family, she also married Thayer Rhyolite of Oasis Springs.

They welcomed their first child Tasha Favero to the world in late spring.