Winding Willow

(A.K.A Willow Creek)

Winding Willow is the kingdom of the elves. A race of humanoids characterized by their pointed ears, cool-colored skin tones, and unusual hair colors. They also have magical abilities. Even during the time of the Great Empire, the Elves remained aloof from the other peoples. Now that they have their own kingdom, their seclusion mostly continues, though they have cordial relations with the other kingdoms. Perhaps, there will come a time when true alliances are formed.

Windrider Family

The Royal family. They have ruled Winding Willows for centuries, perhaps even millennia. Their rule has always been firm, but fair. Always before, they had a policy of isolation. However, with Queen Ilyana, that may be coming to an end. As the world progresses, it will be harder for the elves to keep to themselves. Already, she has helped initiate several inter-kingdom programs, such as the police force.

Residence: Oakenstead, Winding Willow in Elven Spring built by silversimmer007 

Week 3: Princess Shyal married Ternan Firetamer in a dazzling ceremony. Shortly thereafter, she and her Prince Consort Ternan welcomed their heir (and future Queen) Princess Anala to the world.

Week 4: Shyal has now come of age and has ascended to the throne. She and her King, Ternan, have welcomed their second child, Prince Merid to the world.

Week 10: Prince Alorin has made his entrance into the world.

Firetamer Family

A noble family of Winding Willow; they have been loyal to the Windriders for centuries. As their name implies, they have an affinity for fire. They are a passionate family and are very involved in the Court. They are reserving their judgement when it comes to interacting and possibly intermarrying with the other kingdoms.

Residence: Brook Bungalow, Winding Willow in Elven House built by MumfizLaw

Week 1: Lady Elora and Lord Alinor Firetamer (nobles) welcomed their third child Lura.

Week 4:  A fourth child is born to Elora and Alinor, Lady Serin. 

Week 10: Lady Saria has come of age and is legally the head of the family now. Shortly after, she married Prince Lyari Windrider. They are now Lady and Lord Firetamer.

Lady Saria gave birth to the Firetamer heir, Lady Kereen.

Waterstrider Family

The Waterstriders are a noble family line of Winding Willow. Once they were barely hanging on, but now, under Lady Nuala and her older husband, they are flourishing.

Residence: Umbrage Manor, Winding Willow in Elven House built by MumfizLaw

Week 2: Lady Nuala and Lord Ailread welcomed their fourth child, Lord Kasil.

Lord Elluin, heir to the Waterstrider title, married Princess Raine Unseelie, the younger sister of the Queen of Bay of a Thousand Waves

Week 3:  Lady Raine and Lord Elluin welcomed their first born child and heir, Lady Destera Waterstrider.

Week 4:  Lord Ailred passed away in his sleep.

Earthstalker Family

The Earthstalkers were only elevated to the ranks of the nobility relatively recently (the last fifty years or so) due to when their great grandfather was rewarded for his loyalty and service to the Windriders. Their more humble beginnings have caused quite the stir at Court.  Elves have a rather long memory.

Residence: Garden Essence, Winding Willow in Elven House built by MumfizLaw

Week 1: Lady Solana, heir to the Earthstalker title, married Lord Elest Firetamer (brother to Lord Alinar Firetamer).  Shortly after, they welcomed their first child, Lady Serila

Week 4: Lord Norith is born, the second born child of Lady Solana and Lord Elest.

Woodsinger Family

A family that specialized in working with wood.  Their talent is legendary and their products are highly sought after.

Residence: Hallow Slough, Winding Willow in Elvish Starter Treehouse built by GildedDiscourse

Week 1: Esta and Folduin Woodsinger (merchants) welcomed their second child Ivy, shortly after, Keerla and Folas (both elders), surprisingly welcomed their second child, Thalia.

Week 3:Keerla and Folas Woodsinger welcomed another child, Selene Woodsinger but this latest pregnancy proved too much for Keerla and she passed from a heart failure shortly after the birth.

Week 4:Folas Woodsinger, the patriarch of the family, has passed on to join his wife, leaving his oldest daughter and her husband to care not only for their own family, but her two younger sisters as well as the family business.

Esta and Folduin welcome their third child, Derin Woodsinger.

Airdancer Family

The Airdancers are connoisseurs of food and aromas.  Their restaurant is quite popular.

Residence: Potter’s Splay, Winding Willow in Elvish Starter Treehouse built by GildedDiscourse

Week 2: Celaena and Malgath welcomed their first born child and heir Seloria.

Week 3:Celaena and Malgath  welcomed twins Derina and Asira to the world.


The Streamstalkers have been fishing the waters of Winding Willows for generations.

Residence: Ophelia Villa, Winding Willow in Driftwood Cottage built by AngelIntrigue

Week 1: Alyndra and Zaos welcomed their second child Nyla.

Week 2: Alyndra was found drowned near her home.  It is believed that she slipped and fell into the water.

Week 3: Ena Streamstalker, heir now that her mother has passed, marries Wade Malachite of Oasis Springs. Shortly after, they welcomed their heir, Terin to the world.

Week 4: Ena and Wade welcomed little Ferin Streamstalker to the world.


The Vinegrowers have a unique relationship with the land in Winding Willows.  They can coax even the most barren ground to yield its bounty.

Residence: Rindle Rose, Winding Willow in Driftwood Cottage built by AngelIntrigue

Week 1: Haera and Ruardh Vinegrower (peasants) welcomed their second child Folen

Week 4: Zilyana passed away surrounded by her family.

Week 10: Little Luka has joined the world.


The Forestblenders are expert gatherers and hunters.  They know just where to find the most valuable pieces the earth has to yield, where the game is.

Residence: Streamlet Single, Winding Willow in Driftwood Cottage built by AngelIntrigue

Week 1: Jastra and Itham Forestblender (peasants) welcomed their third child Erlan

Week 2: There was a tragic fire and Itham Forestblender did not survive.

Week 3: Iefyr Forestblender, heir of the Forestblenders, married Kari Barrow, the younger sister of Eli Barrow of Windenburg. Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed their heir, Xeres.


The Lightweavers are the only human family that lives in Winding Willows.  They’ve been there for a few generations, when a young couple found their way there after a plague had wiped out their village.

Residence: Crick Cabana, Winding Willow in Driftwood Cottage built by AngelIntrigue

Week 4: Landyn has come of age and is now the head of the Lightweavers.  He hopes to find a bride. He may have a specific lady in mind. In fact, said lady is Nei Forestblender, a neighbor he has known for years.

Shortly after their marriage, their daughter Nylah enters the world.