Back from Washington and Updates!

I made it back from Washington alright, though was a bit afraid there for a bit on Monday due to the snow.  Flight home was delayed by two hours.  But I got home alright, so I’m happy!  Can’t wait for Thursday/Friday since that’s my “weekend”.  Washington was good, though I wasn’t there long enough to recover from jet lag, so I’m all discombobulated XD But I was able to use my two 5-6 hour flights to get some updates up for my Sims 4 Stories.

So Cornerstone is up to chapter 1.10 and To Paint the World is at chapter 1.03.  I hope to actually do something with Queen of the Dragons during my weekend, but we’ll see if things cooperate with me XD

Am soooo excited to see that the Chronicles of Clarke is continuing again!  It’s really giving me that boost I need to attempt to get back to QotD.  Just hope my game cooperates with me XD

In other news, trying to get the drive to write and actually do it for some of my RPs on RPG Collective.  Been trying to get on a schedule but need to catch up with everything first and things keep coming up so it makes it hard XD But I’m pushing through, slowly.

The Sims 4- Thoughts

I know I’m a bit late, considering TS4 has been out since early September and I’ve actually had it since middle of September.  But I figure with the newest patch and content that came out and with the announcement of the first new content for purchase that will be out, thought I might as well through up my thoughts on the game as a whole.

Over all, I’ve enjoyed it.  I love CAS and build mode, though there are a few things I miss with both.  I am getting a bit tired of the same designs for clothes and building, but that’s to be expected.  I’m sure we’ll see more designs as we go.  And I understood the need to take out the Create a style because of the load on most computers with all of the different saved styles.  That said, the other elements are fantastic!  I can’t wait to see if they add in basements once more and I hope they allow more levels as well in subsequent patches.

I do miss the open, slightly more real-world feel of TS3.  Again, I understand the need to keep things a bit simpler.  I hope that later, they at least get rid of the loading screens while in the same neighborhoods.  I can deal with the loading screens between towns, even from one neighborhood to another.  The one negative though that I really don’t like is no story progression.  They can allow aging for the neighbors.  I think they should be able to reproduce.  I tend to stick to one household most of the time, so having to either go into manage worlds and manually add genetic children, or actually play a house just to have them have kids is a pain for someone like me.

That being said, I am enjoying the game.  I love the multi-tasking system and even the emotion system once you get used to it.  Getting to watch my Sims not only sitting on the couch eating, but talking and watching TV is pretty cool and really gives that real-world feel to it.  Many of the animations and faces they pull are so entertaining.

What’s less entertaining, however, are some of the bugs.  Most of them have a decent fix or work-around and EA has been decent with getting patches out (with free content) that has fixed them fairly well.  All in all, I’ve been enjoining my time with TS4 and plan on continuing to play.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with for later EPs.  I think there’s a lot of different directions that can be taken, so it will be interesting to see what they do with it.