I’m alive!

Wow, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anywhere.  Sorry guys!  Real life exploded.  That and my body hates the heat and summer time, so had all I could do just to go day to day.  But now that the fall weather is finally here, I am hoping to get back to a more regular posting schedule.  I’m not sure yet what will happen with my current Sim’s stories, mostly because while I love playing and love writing them, it can be difficult to keep them going.  I will, however, be trying to keep apprised of other writing activities.  I might even post excerpts from my NaNo novel that will be coming up soon.

Speaking of NaNo.  Myself and several other ML’s from other regions have embarked on a journey of insanity (more so than normal lol).  For anyone that does NaNo and wants to participate, you are welcome to check out the WriMoVerse!  It should be a lot of fun.  We’re really looking forward to it!  Just in case you’re wondering… I’m Lt. Wolfy 😉

So this is my post to let you know I’m still alive and I hope to really get back into writing and in a major way.  My plan (and major goal) for this November is to finish the manuscript (shooting for 100k words or so).  I am also taking part in more insanity with some of those from WriMoVerse, where on Oct. 31, we’ll be given a prompt, a character, and I think a setting, then we’ll write from there.  That may end up being a short story, possibly, but we’ll see.  My next post, I’ll be talking about a few things I’ve learned recently about writing.  For now, happy writing and simming!

Back from Washington and Updates!

I made it back from Washington alright, though was a bit afraid there for a bit on Monday due to the snow.  Flight home was delayed by two hours.  But I got home alright, so I’m happy!  Can’t wait for Thursday/Friday since that’s my “weekend”.  Washington was good, though I wasn’t there long enough to recover from jet lag, so I’m all discombobulated XD But I was able to use my two 5-6 hour flights to get some updates up for my Sims 4 Stories.

So Cornerstone is up to chapter 1.10 and To Paint the World is at chapter 1.03.  I hope to actually do something with Queen of the Dragons during my weekend, but we’ll see if things cooperate with me XD

Am soooo excited to see that the Chronicles of Clarke is continuing again!  It’s really giving me that boost I need to attempt to get back to QotD.  Just hope my game cooperates with me XD

In other news, trying to get the drive to write and actually do it for some of my RPs on RPG Collective.  Been trying to get on a schedule but need to catch up with everything first and things keep coming up so it makes it hard XD But I’m pushing through, slowly.