Founder (Gen 1)

Meet Han Galactus, founder of the Galactus Immortal Dynasty

True Form

Human Form

Traits: Genius, Active, Loves Outdoors- Quick Learner

Spouse: Ulrike Galactus (ne: Faust)


  1. Career: Astronaut- level 6
  2. Aspirations: Nerd Brain [Completed], Renaissance Sim
  3. Skills: Logic, Rocket Science, Fitness [Completed]
  4. Rewards: Great Storyteller, Gym Rat, Observant, Frugal [Completed]
  5. Gold Metals: Date with Ulrike at Park, Wedding to Ulrike at home
  6. Good Friends:
  7. Emotional Whims: Play Chess (Focused), Propose Crazy Scheme (Confident), Make a Friend (Happy), Talk about Dreams (Inspired), Finish a Painting (Sad), Share Insecurities (Embarrassed), Do Sit Ups (Energized) [Completed]
  8. Museum Items:

Ulrike Galactus (ne: Faust)

Traits: Creative, perfectionist, art lover