Welcome to Wolfie’s Writings


Due to Photobucket, I have a ton of images to move to Imugr and then relink here for my sim stories.  I plan on doing it slowly, in chunks.  So sorry for that!

Welcome to my Writing Blog!

You will find some of the Sims stories I have written, as well as talk of writing craft, book and other reviews, as well as a few ramblings on other subjects as well, maybe games.  Eventually, I hope to share a few WIPs or maybe some finished pieces, though when that will be, I have no idea as of yet, but I’ll let ya all know!


Aside from my blog here, you should take a gander at some of the other pages, especially the affiliates links and the recommended writing sites.  As I find more, I will certainly be adding to those!

For the moment, there will be updates once a month.  I hope to do more than that, but I am going to try to stick to that.  I have been having a hard time of late with focus, so hopefully once a month is a schedule I can keep to.  If things are going well, there may even be more!



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