Lasting Legacies- a Modified RKC

The Royal Kingdom Challenge was originally created by Enbliththefair for TS2.  The linked version is GymeaLillie’s version.  I am actually doing a modified version of that.  I have tweaked the restrictions a bit as well as given each heir requirements that they must meet in order to keep their family line going.

I have also added a bit of fun beforehand in a bit of a contest.  Before the Royal Kingdom Challenge can commence, the new King or Queen of Newcrest must be crowned.  The current King is without an heir.  In order to prevent any in-fighting, he has promised that the family that can complete their requirements first will become the new ruler of Newcrest.

To read the rules of my own challenge, One to Rule Them All, just click the link.  The rules for the modified Royal Kingdom Challenge are directly after the rules for One to Rule Them All.

I have gone a bit overboard and gone further yet.  While I will be playing the various families in Newcrest, I have populated the rest of the world with Sims of my own creation.  I will be using MCCC to keep the other towns going.

The subsequent pages will contain information on the other families that might be seen during the story as well as any builds I downloaded from the gallery for the families in the other worlds as well as all the builds I created for the challenge, histories, links to the story which will be put up on Carl’s Sims 4 Forum when it has begun.


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