Favorite Sims Stories

I love to read Sims stories and have been reading them for quite a long time.  This will be a constant work in progress, so bare with me!  I will add stories as I find them ^^  Be aware, some of them will have been completed, some of them will be in progress, so it might be a bit to read, but I assure you, it will be worth it ^^


Legacy Stories (Challenge by Pinstar)

The Chronicles of Clarke

One of my favorites!  If you are looking for a superbly written and fun time, you need to check out the Clarkes!  You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel for this family as they learn of a destiny far greater than what they could have imagined when Ava Clarke makes her home in Aurora Skies.

Light the Way to Heaven

Currently in the middle of reading this, but so far, but it’s been quite the wild ride so far!  Highly recommended for all the supernatural fun!

Raven’s Legacy

This is a continuation of the Sheo Immortal Dynasty, staring Raven (the Raven-turned-Sim).  See if he can escape his new fate and follow the delightful story of this insane bird-turned-Sim!

The Amazing Hollanders

What is there to say about the Hollanders?  They must be read to be believed!  And even then… you may not believe it!  Strap yourselves in for this one, folks, because you may join them in their insanity!

Hartfield Legacy

This is certainly another great tale brought to you by Notjustabook, AKA Louise!  Follow Aaron Finnegan, the world’s nicest guy as he’s on the run from his “sort-of” girlfriend.  What does the men who tried to kill him want?  Will he learn that there is such a thing as trusting the right people?  Read and find out!

Vane Glory, an Anti-Hero’s Tale

Follow Viola Vane, a girl who knows her self-worth… and may exaggerate it greatly XD See what happens when she tries to land a rich, successful husband so that she can live in the comfort she once knew.

The Torburden Legacy

Follow Tamara Torburden as she embarks on the Sims 4 legacy journey.  *wink* There seems to be a thing for handsome cowboys in Sims 4 and the Torburdens are no exception ^^

The Fox Legacy

Another Sims 4 Legacy; Started by the gorgeous Joe Fox, this legacy is in full swing with great writing and a wonderful chronicle of this entertaining and endearing family.

The Cloudbringer Legacy

Alena Cloudbringer’s start in Willow Creek is nothing short of adorable!  Go check it out!


Carl’s Sims 3 Guide and Forum 

I read a lot of stories from here; they have some really unique challenges that I love, so I will certainly put up my favorites from there.

Immortal Dynasty Challenge Stories

This challenge is an exclusive to Carl’s.  The challenge itself is difficult but oh so much fun!  Here are some of my favorite examples!

Goblin King Dynasty

What happens when you make Jareth, the Goblin King from the Labyrinth, the founder of an Immortal Dynasty?  Read and find out!  My friend Tia will keep you in stitches the entire time!

Fellowship of the Dynasty

Another one by Tiamet, this is a completed Dynasty story that made it into Carl’s Hall of Fame.  Certainly another of my favorites.  Follow Legolas as he attempts to complete the challenge and bring back all our favorite LotR characters!

The Sheo Immortal Dynasty 

Nightmare Sheogorath steps out of Skyrim to found this Dynasty.  Each member of the family is quite insane, but all in different ways.  AkonIsAwesome does an amazing job with writing each heir!  Check out this Hall of Famer story and hang on for a wild ride!

The Eight Cicadas

Join the Waverlys, a dysfunctional but entirely lovable family of crazies as they attempt to find immortality.  Trip does an amazing job of writing this family.  You will feel their pain, experience their joys, and just fall in love with each generation… even when you want to reach through the screen and slap them lol!

Actually, let me link you to the Hall of Fame… it is certainly worth the time to read through these stories there!

A Path to Gold

Deme’s writing is nothing short of brilliant in this tale of Aurum, the lady made of gold.  Follow her quest to find out just what she is and what she’s supposed to be.

Carls’s Dynasty Hall of Fame

Each story and entry here in the Hall of Fame is well worth reading!  Check them out at your leisure.  They will provide hours of reading and entertainment!

Misc. Sims Stories

The Lady of the Lake

If you enjoy Authorian legend, this is certainly the story for you!  It is a brilliant mix of many legends and some of our favorite contemporary fantasy and sci-fi works.  So sit back and enjoy!

Second Chances

This is the brilliantly written story of Morgana Wolff from Sunset Valley.  With her fairy-tale marriage falling apart, how will she survive and fulfill her dream to have a big family?  You must read this heart warming story!

Two World, One Heart

Another brilliant story by RaiaDraconis, this follows the story of Holly Alto and Ethan Bunch from the time they are both teens.  It chronicles a large family that seems as real as you me.  Written with the format of a family internet blog, you will laugh, you will cry, and everything in between.


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