The Rosa family is one of the oldest in Newcrest.  They have always had a connection with the Bulwarks and been one of their staunchest allies.

Family Tree

In Memorium- Rosas

Residence: Rosa Manor (Optimist’s Outlook), Newcrest

Current Household:

Daichi Rosa (ne: Tanaka)– the family butler, he has always been one of them. Now, with his brief marriage to Lady Ferina, he always will be.

Lord Adrian– A young man who wishes to please his mother.  He’s the social sort and enjoys his lifestyle, though there are doubts about his ability to be King, about his own desire to be King. It has come to light that Lord Adrian is the son of Lady Ferina and Prince Marcus Bulwark but they were not married at the time of Marcus’s death. While he is proud that he has Bulwark blood in him, he is a Rosa and if he should win the throne, he will do so as a Rosa, not as the nephew of the King.

Lady Marisa Rosa (ne: Xavier)- the sister of Lord Donovan Xavier of Windenburg, Lady Ferina approached the Xaviers about a possible match between Marisa and her son.  The two met and they enjoyed one another’s company.  After spending time together, once Lord Adrian came of age, he proposed to Marisa.  During one of their dates, Marisa confessed that she feared one of the families in Windenburg, the Villareals.  Adrian met them, using his charisma and charm.  He doesn’t much like them either and has vowed to keep his new wife and their family safe.

Lady Jayda Rosa- Lady Marisa and Lord Adrian’s first born child; heir to the family legacy.  She is an angelic toddler.

Lord Quinn Rosa- Marisa and Adrian’s second child.