Generation Four

Luna Wyvern and Roark Donovan

Interlude Three: Wrath of the Dragon Queen, Part 2/ Chapter 31: Alas Volat Propiis/ Chapter 32: The Bridgeport Chronicles, Part 1Chapter 33: The Bridgeport Chronicles, Part 2 /Chapter 34: The Eclipse BeginsChapter 35: It’s Always Darkest… Chapter 36: …Before the Dawn/ Chapter 37: Brighter Days/ Chapter 38: The Meaning of Family/ Chapter 39: Unbreakable Bonds/ Chapter 40: The Newest Wyverns

Interlude Four: The Darkness Thickens/ Chapter 41: An Emotional Homecoming/ Chapter 42: Revelations/ Chapter 43: No One Expects the Wyvern Inquisition…/ Chapter 44: The Wrath of a Wyvern/ Chapter 45: Her Dark Knight/ Chapter 46: The Dark Knight’s Tale/ Chapter 47: Consequences


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