Third Generation

Aurora Wyvern, 3rd Gen Heir, YA

Aurora Breton Wyvern        Scorpio                    Witch         Heir                

Valedictorian                Voted Most Likely to Burn Down Their Own House

Loves the outdoors, charismatic, photographer’s eye, daredevil, nurturing, irresistible

LTW: Visionary                                      Completed Week 15, Day 4

LTHP: 255,044         Portrait: YA

Soul, shawarma, green

Skills: Charisma 6, Cooking 3, Street art 2, Painting 10, Writing 2, Kama simtra 2, Photography 10, Athletic 3, Handiness 3, Logic 2, Martial arts 5

Death: Week, Day –

Week 15, Day 2- 1 year Ann.

Jeffrey Dean, 3rd Gen Heir’s Spouse, YA

Jeffrey Dean        Taurus                              Sim                   Heir’s Spouse

Brave, great kisser, daredevil, irresistible, charismatic, frugal

LTW: World Renowned Surgeon          Completed on Week 16 , day 6                          LTHP: 133,075        Portrait: YA

Latin, tri-tip steak, grey

Skills: Athletic 2, Logic 10, Social networking 2

Death: Week, Day –


Rickie Wyvern                Witch

Dog person, friendly, loves the outdoors, coward


Katherine Wyvern                Cancer        Witch

Athletic, genius, grumpy, loves the outdoors


Devon Wyvern (ne: Duffy)


Patrick Almeria-GilsCarbo



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