The Dorans have always been loyal to the Bulwarks.  Though of noble birth, they are fierce warriors and excellent tacticians, preferring to be in the field, with their men. Now, the Dorans will continue as the Kings and Queens of Newcrest after winning the contest set up by the last of the Bulwarks, King Darian.

Family Tree  (Doran)

Family Tree (Bulwark)

Residence: Castle Newcrest (Twin Oracle Point), Newcrest

Current household:


King Blakely Doran– his parents died when he was young.  He was trained as a knight.  Though of noble birth, he tends to prefer the more simple things, though he has had the courtly training.  While not in training, he was raised by the Doran’s housekeeper, Meredith Hanover.  She is very much a mother to him. Having won the contest between himself, Lady Campbell, and Lord Rosa, Blakely is now the King of Newcrest.

Queen Adisa Doran (ne: Azurite)- the twin sister of Queen Eve of Oasis Springs, she heard much of Lord Blakely.  Knowing she would need to marry, she didn’t want just anyone.  She wanted someone she could possibly love.  During her forays, she also found some information relating to possible treachery in Oasis Springs.  Maxim was injured trying to protect her.  In order to ensure her protection, Blakely has offered her his home and his name.  While the two are a bit reluctant to be forced, there is certainly attraction between the two.  The contracts have already been drawn up.  They have married, uniting their two families, and most likely their kingdoms for the foreseeable future. She is now at Blakely’s side as his queen.

Meredith Hanover– she was raised in the Doran household, an orphan that they took in.  She has served as the head of their housekeeping staff since she was a teenager.  After the death of the Lord and Lady, she looked after their son. She has accompanied Blakely and Adisa to Castle Newcrest and will continue to look after Blakely.  Even a King needs to be looked for.

“Prince” Maxim– he is Blakely’s loyal wardog and companion.  Though there is peace, he is always ready to defend his master and now his master’s family.

“Princess” Neith– a purebred Newcrest Battle Hound from the McKenna breeders chosen for Maxim.

Prince Zachary Doran- the first born child and heir of Queen Adisa and King Blakely, he’s proving to be quite the independent toddler.

Prince Rhys Doran- King Blakely and Queen Adisa’s second child.

King Darian Bulwark- he has remained to help with the transition; Blakely and Adisa wouldn’t hear of him leaving the royal chambers.  They are his.  They are happy to take the room reserved for the Crowned Prince or Princess.  That and it means they can be closer to the nursery where their sons sleeps for now.