Starter Models

Not every Sim can afford their dream home, but here at Wolf Designs and Realty, we understand entirely that your first home is an important one and an important first step for those out in the world on their own for the first time, or for those on a budget.

Let me take you on a tour of some of our most popular starter homes.

First up, we have what we have dubbed:

Artist’s Hollow

Originally designed for an artist with a limited budget, the open plan design is simple and perfect for a budding artist, or anyone just out on their own for the first time.

A simple one story home with minimal landscaping still gives a certain curb appeal.

Allow me to show you the interior ^^

When you first walk in, you’re greeted with an open floor plan kitchen/living area in soft blues, grays and greens.

Through the door to far left is the bedroom, with plenty of space for a Queen sized bed, as shown here.

The single bathroom is also fairly spacious and the fixtures used are, as expected of any Wolf Design, top quality without breaking the bank.

Speaking of bank, here are the figures for this splendid little piece of heaven!

Design Price: $13,908

Lot Size: 30X20

Bed/Bath: 1/1

Hashtags:#Wolfie #carlsguide#artist #starter

Download it here from the Sims 4 Gallery!


Next on our list is a quaint, homey little place that, appropriately enough, is called the:

Quaint Starter

This home’s design is a simple, older country style.  Again, landscaping is minimal, but this two story home’s understated charm can’t be ignored.

Follow me as we step into a charming living space with an archway that leads into the kitchen/dining area.  The living area has a beautiful bay window.

The kitchen boasts mid-grade appliances and durable counters with plenty of storage space.

The dining area has a bank of windows that give you a beautiful view of the neighborhood when you sit down to eat.

The bathroom, to the left as one enters, is a bit on the tight side, but with higher end fixtures and lovely tile on the walls and floor, make it more than just functional.

Heading up to the second floor, you find a small hallway that leads into the single bedroom in the unit.

Design Price: $18,047

Lot Size: 20X15

Bed/Bath: 1/1

Hashtags:#Wolfie #carlsguide #starter

Download it here from the Sims 4 gallery!


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