Chapter 5: They Grow Up So Fast

“He’s beautiful,” Blake murmured as he looked down into his son’s bassinet.

Brenna, her head resting on his shoulder, nodded.  “Yes, he is.”  She let out a soft sigh.  Blake shifted and took her hands in his.  Then he kissed her cheek.

“Can you forgive me?  For being an idiot?” he asked her.

She took his hand and led him to the bed.  They both sat down and Brenna smiled at her husband.  “I know you haven’t had it easy, Blake.  I do know that.  But this kinda thing can’t keep happening, alright?”

He nodded.  “I know.  I know.  I-I can’t tell you how sorry I am.  I just- most days, I know I’m worth it.  But then this doubt creeps in.  A little voice that keeps whispering in the back of my head about how a wonderful woman like you could want someone like me.  And-and then I lash out.”

“Oh my love,” she murmured.  “It’ll be ok.  I promise.”

He rested his forehead against hers.  “If-if you want to get a job, I’m behind you all the way.  I-I can’t promise I won’t have more- episodes, but, by the Watcher, I’ll do my best to not be a blockhead anymore, alright?  That I can promise.”

Brenna smiled.  “How does this sound?  I’ll wait until our little one is older before I get a job, ok?  Once he’s in school, then I’ll see about getting a job.  Is that ok with you?”

He pulled her close and kissed her.

“I really don’t deserve you,” he murmured to her.

You sure don’t.

 “Thanks, Watcher,” he said dryly.

Just agreein’ with ya, hun.  –grins– 

Blake shook his head and gave his wife a shoulder rub.  Brenna sighed softly.  “O-oh right there, babe.  Oh that feels wonderful.”

Even as the two sat there, looking into one another’s eyes for a moment, Chris let out a hungry wail.  Brenna grinned and got up to see to their son.  “Heya litte boy.  Bet your hungry.”

Blake remained where he was, watching his wife with his son.  “I am a lucky man, huh, Watcher?”

That you are, Blake, that you are.

 “That’s our little man, yes it is,” Brenna cooed to their son.

He really is a cutie.

Brenna grinned and winked.  “How could he not be?  I mean, look at his parents, right?”

–snort—Riiight, though you do have a point.  It’ll be fun to see who he resembles more as he gets older.

 Brenna nodded.  “Yeah, it’s exciting… though I don’t wanna think about him growing up yet!  It’ll happen too fast as it is!”  She kissed his forehead before placing him back in the bassinet.  Blake stood up and pulled his wife close, a little too choked up to speak.

Brenna sighed softly and returned his embrace, then a wicked grin crossed her face.  “Ya know what?” she murmured into her husband’s ear.


As the question left his lips, Blake found himself being flipped right over!

He was a bit unsteady on his feet as his wife (a lot stronger than she looks) righted him once more.

“Uh, wow,” was all he could manage.

Brenna giggled and waved at him as she headed downstairs to grab some food.  Blake looked after her with a dopey grin.  –snickers—You don’t stand a chance, there big guy.

 “Nope… I’m a goner, Watcher.  Wow, what a woman!”

Just keep that in mind huh?  She’s awfully tolerant of your shenanigans.  So don’t be too much of a-


We’ll go with that, yeah.

“Hey hey hey!  What’s all this noise?  You must be hungry little man!”  Blake stood over his son cooing for a moment even as he lifted him up into his arms.  “Here ya go, Papa’s got what ya want.”  He smiled as his son latched onto the bottle.  “That’s my growin’ boy!”

First day of work, Blake.  You excited?

 “More just ready to get to it, ya know?  I’ve been waiting for this opportunity a long time.”

I know.  Well, go get ‘em, tiger!

Lookin’ good, Brenna.  Painting is coming along nicely.

 “Think so, Watcher?  Not feelin’ this one as much today.”

Well, why don’t you go and lay down huh?  You’ve been goin’ full on the last few days and Chris is a good boy, but he’s an infant and he needs care pretty regularly.  Go take a nap, I’ll watch the little guy for a while for ya.

 “Yeah, ya know, that sounds like a good idea.  Thanks, Watcher.”

You bet.

You are a cute kid.  Can’t wait to see what ya all grown up little guy.

“There’s my little man!  Look at you!  Were you good for Mama today?  I see you tuckered her right out,” Blake cooed to his little boy.

You are such a sap.  And it’s adorable, ya know that?

Blake grinned.  “Nothing wrong with a father loving his son, ya know.”

Never said there was anything wrong with that at all.  You’re pretty good at that, Blake.

“That’s cause I love my little boy.  I love him to pieces, don’t I, Christopher?  Daddy’s gonna do right by you, yes I am.  I promise.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this!  H-how can it be his birthday already?” Brenna exclaimed with a sigh.  She had barely touched her food.

“All kids gotta grow up, honey.  I know it seems too soon.  But we gotta do it sometime,” Blake pointed out, though he wasn’t all that enthusiastic either.  He was excited, to see what his boy would become, but it was certainly bittersweet.  He stood up, leaving part of his dinner still on the plate.  “Come on, baby.”

The two went upstairs to Christopher’s bassinet.  Blake smiled down at Christopher.  “Alright, son.  C’mon then.  Time to come out to play!”

The bassinet began to shake, the sparkles swirled around, and Christopher jumped out of the basket with a loud whoop of delight.

He was already downstairs by the time his parents could catch up with them.  “Hey, mom, hey pops!”  He was a bit of a whirlwind even as his father laughed.

“C’mere you!”  Christopher threw his arms around his father’s neck in a bear hug.  “Oh my boy!”

Brenna soon took Blake’s place and Christopher gave her a hug as well.

“Uh, can I go and change?  These clothes aren’t exactly my style!”

Brenna laughed.  “Go on then!  Do you need help?”

He ran toward the bathroom, calling back over his shoulder.  “Nah, I got it!  Thanks Mom!”

Oh boy… he’s gonna be a handful!

And now, Christopher Hanover is now a young boy.


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