Chapter 2: The Dragon Prince

My pregnancy progressed rather smoothly, though I am ashamed to say that I was fairly ignorant about such things at the time.  Aside from my rapidly expanding middle and a craving for a dish called ‘spaghetti’, it wasn’t difficult.  I’d find myself pausing every now and again, placing my hands on my swollen belly, just enjoying the feeling of my child moving and kicking.

My child… a combination of David and myself.  It still seemed so unreal, so foreign.  Yet, it was the single most important thing I’d ever done, including falling in love with David.  I told him that one night while we were laying in each other’s arms and he smiled in that tender way he had and nodded.  “I know exactly what ya’ mean, my Queen.”  He pulled me closer to her and kissed my forehead.  Despite the need for more money and being that he’d rather I rest and take it easy, David was very attentive in between bouts of painting.

We needed the money so that we could add onto the house so that we would be ready for when our child arrived.

We added a little nursery.  Neither I nor David are architects or designers, but I think it suits.  And we finished it just in time.  I’d been feeling a bit poorly the last couple hours and had just gotten out of a warm shower when the pain hit.  It doubled me over; it stole my breath so I couldn’t even scream.

Something seemed to release inside of me… then I could scream.  David claims all of Monte Vista probably heard me.  He might be right, come to think of it.  The pain was like nothing else I’d ever experienced before.

Luckily, though he was sweating, David seemed to keep a cool head.  He hustled me out of the house and hailed a cab (we haven’t yet been able to afford a vehicle yet).  He told the driver to hurry; I think my groans and the occasional curse hastened him as well.

The snow was thick, but we trudged through it to the hospital doors.  It was all I could do not to grip David’s hand… I was afraid that I’d break it, quite honestly.

After several hours of excruciating labor, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Draco Maxim Wyvern was born around 10 pm on a cold, snowy winter night.

He truly is my little miracle.  My little boy.  I can’t seem to get a grasp on it yet.  He’s just so precious.

David is beside himself with joy as well.  He’s so proud of his little boy.  Already, he can’t help but spoil Draco, even though he is only a burrito.  Draco has bonded already with his father.

Every time I hold him in my arms, I am swamped by emotion.  He is so tiny, so small, yet so full of life and potential.  What will he be?  What will he do?  Will he share my powers?  Will I be a good mother to him?  Me, who only became a mortal a week ago?  Threading through the questions and my own doubts about my ability to be a mother was a storm of love.

Oh, since we have been so busy with Draco and being first-time parents, poor Diego has been feeling a little neglected, though he has never complained.  Wanting to make sure he had some companionship, David suggested I call the pet adoption agency.  I did and we now have another new family member.  Her name is Darcy and according to the agency, she is a full blooded Akita.

As I sit here, during a rare moment of peace, I can only think about what my life has become.  I have a child whom I love more than life itself and a husband whom I love so very much and each day it only grows more.  I may have been the Queen of Dragons and a Goddess, but I did not start living until my sister stripped me of my immortality, and then dumped me unceremoniously in this Realm.  I may actually owe her a debt, come to think of it… As I watch my husband cook in nothing by his underwear, all I can do is smile.

He noticed me watching him.  With a grin, he walked backwards, beckoning for me to follow with a waggle of his finger.  We retired to our bedroom for a brief interlude.

Before we knew it, it was time for my little boy to become a toddler!  It just doesn’t seem possible.  David gave me the honor of getting to be the one to take him to the cake.  I stood there for a moment, trying not to tear up.  I did remarkably well, for the most part.

At least… until a near tragedy struck!  As I leaned down to blow out the single candle, it fell off onto the wooden counter surface and lit into a blaze!  I jumped back and turned around, holding my son protectively to my chest while my husband jumped forward to try to put it out.

It proved to be too much though.  Luckily, the fire department arrived before it became too severe and put it out.

I’ve never been so scared!  I held Draco tightly to me for a long time and clung to David.  He took Draco from me for a moment, kissing his son and then kissing me.  I could tell he had been terrified as well, but he was holding it together a lot better than I was.

Eventually, though, after our heart rates had returned to normal, we tried again.  And we had the fire department on speed dial, should we need them again…

But it all went perfectly this time and my nooboo was no longer a burrito, but a toddler.  And an adorable toddler at that.  He has my eye color and my ears, but the rest of him is all his father.

After I put my tired boy to bed, I heard Darcy give a howl.

Apparently, Diego and she had gotten along a LOT better than either David or realized!  The poor thing was giving birth!  She was carrying a litter of two pups.  We dubbed them Gabe and Gage.

Diego is an exceedingly proud Papa.

Well, it’s certainly been an… exciting day.  It’s time to put Draco to bed.  My darling little boy.  Our family just keeps on growing.

David and I crawled into bed, and just held onto one another for a long moment.  “My Queen,” he murmured into my ear.  “I think our little prince should have some siblings.  Don’t you agree?”  I showed him my agreement rather than saying anything…


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