*sheepish grin*

Ok, one day, I will really will try to keep up with this blog… I’ve just been a terrible chronciler in my own life- journals and diaries never survived long with me.  That and life has been hectic the last little while.  In some good news, got a raise and more hours at work, which is great.  The bookstore is doing well and we’re slowly moving toward having our full stock online which has been quite an endeavor and will only prove to be more so as time goes on XD  But it will be worth it.

In not so good news, however, the hubby and I lost our kitty Liger early in February.  It’s been hard adjusting, especially with another kitty that is rather confused about where her buddy went.  Things are moving along, but it’s taking time.

Keep an eye out because I’ve been working on a few things, and they will pop up in the next day or so.


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